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Although wasps do not produce honey and seldom help pollinate plants, the majority of the wasp family is still considered to be beneficial to humans. This is because they eat other insects that can destroy crops and flowers as well as spiders that can present a greater health risk to you and your family.

However, wasps that nest in the ground can actually destroy your lawn if it goes unchecked.

What separates yellow jackets from the rest of the wasp family is that yellow jackets are very social animals. Although yellow jackets build nests and live together, they do not produce any honey. However, yellow jackets can still kill many of the insects that would destroy your plants otherwise. Yellow jacket colonies do not even closely reach the numbers found in bee hives. Yellow jackets do swarm more frequently and will discard a nest after its use. This is why it is not important to remove a nest after it has been used. However, yellow jackets will forage close areas for any food source while the nest is under construction. This can ruin many outdoor barbeques and picnics.

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