Safe Removal of Bees, Wasps, Hornets & Yellow Jackets

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What a great guy. We have a hive on our roof. I like having bees in the yard and garden, and was more interested in moving them than killing them. David is super-knowledgeable. He came by and said these were “very nice bees. Northern European, and they won’t sting people” and he would leave hive as is… Which was great– and he didn’t charge us for the visit. He will definitely be who we call if the problem re-arises– but he is very honest and clearly very smart about bees!

Daniel, Santa Monica

David really knows his business. He has removed bees from everywhere imaginable. Bees can be mysterious and sometimes terrifying, but David will explain to you why the bees have come to your home or business and he will safely take them away without harming them. If you’ve got bees definitely call A Bee Man.

Eli, Los Angeles

I called A Bee Man and David came in less than an hour! I was very scared about the situation but right when David came to remove the bees his calmness and knowledge about the bees really calmed me down and I felt the job was in good hands! I wouldn’t hesitate to call A Bee Man again or recommend him to others!!

Arie, Los Angeles

I called at 5.30 this evening and at 7.30 pm David was at my door with his white suit…ready to help bid farewell to our pesty new wasp nests. He swiftly went about his business and promised a three month warranty on the areas he treated. We were very pleased with his service, his price was very reasonable and his number is permanently in my directory. Thank you David and your lady who answered the phone who was VERY helpful…. We are thrilled to say the wasps are gone…for now!

Amelia, Los Angeles

After my neighbor helped warn me that bees were coming from the side of my garage I called several other places here on yelp. Most of them had answering machines and none of them got back to me.

So around 430pm which i had a feeling alot of them would be closed, I called A Bee Man. David was very professional, he quoted me on the price, also he gave me options on what i would like to do regarding on either saving the bees or killing them.

Very friendly, upfront and worked that same day. This helped alot because the bees i found out had a huge hive inside my garage wall. Sadly due to the urgency of the matter and how many they were, we couldn’t save the bees, but the work he did was great and was very professional.

Jed, San Fernando

David and his crew are very efficient and caring beekeepers. They are friendly, and great at solving your bee problem without the use of pesticides. They want the best for you and the bees. He does not want to kill bees and will help to remove them alive and relocate them to help to save our dwindling bee population.

He removed a hive of bees from our attic and relocated them to a hive where they are making the most delicious honey you ever tasted!

I highly recommend this company!!!!

Croshier, Los Angeles