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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: What are bees attracted to & why?
It is not uncommon for bees to find a new home in attics, under building eaves, trees, chimneys, roofs, fences, and holes in walls. The bees are looking for a location that is high off the ground and close to a source of water. This is why home with swimming pools, water fountains, or ponds may have a higher concentration of bee hives.

Q: When I see a swarm of bees in my yard, am I safe inside my house?
You are normally safe is you stay at least 6 - 12 inches from the swarm. For your safety do not touch, poke or make loud noises. Call us to remove the Swarm before they try to locate in your home or office.

Q: What should I do if I get stung by a bee?
Clean the area with alcohol, if you have swelling that should subside.

Q: What cities will you travel to?
We offer bee, hornet, wasp and yellow jacket removal throughout in all of Los Angeles County and Ventura County.

Q: Are these killer bees?
In 30+ years we have never seen killer bees in southern California

Q: Are you licensed to do this type of work?
We possess a pest control license and a contractor's license for removing bee hives from structures

Q: I have bees near my pool, what can I do?
Bee's need water in order to produce honey, they may just be looking for water; call a professional if you see a mass of bees bigger than a soft ball.

Q: Every time I go outside in my yard, and I take food or drinks, bees come around my food and drink and chase me indoors, what can I do?
These are not bees, these are yellow jackets and yellow jackets can be controlled (not eliminated) by our weekly Yellow Jacket Service, please call our office for more information.

Q: There is a bee hive in the corner of my roof, will they just go away?
No, they will not, the longer you let this problem continue the more the hooney and the bigger the hive you will have. You need to call a professional.

Q: I have a bee hive inside my wall, if I simply kill the bees, and seal the hole, could the honey damage my house?
Yes, you will have mildew and fermenting honey inside the wall. Vacant bee hives will attract other pests such as rats, ants, wax moths and new bees that will try to rebuild the hive. Carpet beetles can attack a vacant hive and once they finish they can come through your walls and attack even your furniture.

Q: How much honey does the average worker honey bee make in her lifetime?
1/12 teaspoon.

Q: How fast does a honey bee fly?
About 15 miles per hour.

Q: How many sides does each honeycomb cell have?

Q: How many wings does a honey bee have?


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